It's been 12 years now, since the Lonestarr project was shut down...
The studio complex has been torn down to make room for property development, and the synthesizers thrown in storage, on a far remote location in the lost world...
Never have these magic machines seen the light of day since....

Some even claimed Lonestarr was dead, the search for Lonestarr was keeping some hardcore fans busy.... Others knew already that the time of great sounding, genuine, original hardware produced Italo Synth-POP was over, and lost forever to eternity....

After crashing in a horrific car accident in december 2009, and after the recovery, i got back on track and started building the Lonestarr Studio from the ground up again.

First The reliable Atari MIDI computers had to be restored, the software had to be reprogrammed..

All original sounds loaded from ancient Data Cassettes back into the analog synthesizers, like the Roland Juno 60's, Jupiter 8 and SuperJX.

And the real Linn and Oberheim drum machines regained life after being found at the dense storage they've been in for 12 years...

Then the Fairlight series 3 came in, to make the studio even more powerful...

    Music available soon....!

    Fairlight CMI series III

    EMU Emulator II

    Roland TR808
    Roland TB303
    Roland TR909
    Linn 9000
    Oberheim DMX
    Simmons SDS 1000 / SDS 8
    Akai MPC60

    Roland Jupiter 8

    Roland Jupiter 4
    Roland Juno 60
    Roland Juno 106
    Korg Trident 1
    Elka Synthex
    Moog Midimoog
    Moog MemoryMoog
    Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

    Akai S700
    Akai S900

    Akai S950

    Akai S1000
    Akai S1100
    Akai S3000I
    Akai S3000XL
    Akai CD3000XL
    Akai S5000
    Oberheim DPX


    Lonestarr uses Linnterface!

    The new Linndrum MIDI interface.
    Order one NOW!


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